Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Well it's about time I updated this blog

I was reading the other day how blogger reuses blogs that haven't been used in a while so I decided I had better update mine.

I finished this lovely design and sent it off to Liz in 
Australia and she sent me the most beautifully packaged gift 
 I won the most beautiful bag from Ilke Cochrane of Mabel Figworthy's Fancies

 I won the bag in a blog hop and promised I would blog about it sorry it's taken me so long.  
I received some lovely goodies all with a snow theme from Colleen in Elko Nevada 
I finished BBD Rewards of Merit Small Token and this was sent off in a Valentine exchange I received this one back from Lynda
I visited Geneva and found a wonderful cafe called The Laughing Teapot about two doors away from a beautiful if very expensive LNS
 I finished my Prayer Mat I started the Ramadan last year and I started a new one this year 
I finished a Jardin Prive called Welcome to London 
I started another Jardin Prive chart called Sampler aux Bouquet which   is really 3 charts . I started on chart number 3 as I prefer to stitch from right to left no idea why but for me that's easiest. 
I am sure I have forgotten to add in all my finishes but I think that's enough for now 
Will try to update more often
Sorry for the upside down pictures I have tried to edit some things but blogger is not cooperating 
It's my own fault I have forgotten how to edit.