Monday, 30 April 2012

It's nearly May

I need to get my skates on and stop browsing the web. I need to finish my April cottage as my threads have arrived along with a few things that fell into the basket. I am using a lovely online shop for my supplies called .The Patchwork Rabbit don't you just love that name.

Stash from the Patchwork Rabbit
I am stitching slowly at the moment but I do have some finishes. I finished a Blackbird Design from A Stitcher's Journey after getting help from Alma at Blackbird designs with my colours. Thank you Alma for such prompt help
Tulip House Companion From A Stitcher's Journey by Blackbird Designs

I have appliquéd a signature block for my local quilt group and added some Chinese symbols to a round robin quilt.


Chinese Symbol for Peace

Chinese Symbol for Harmony
Signature Block

 Exchanges have gone off in the post and Pam received her bookmark I stitched.


Bookmark for Pam in ILCS exchange from an old Leisure Arts Magazine  Designed by Deborah Lambein
Flowers to make me feel better from my youngest DD


  1. Flowers to feel better? Aren't you well?

    Beautiful stitches and exchanges.

    Skates??? Roller skates? Ice skates?

  2. I think getting supplies from the patchwork rabbit must be even more delightful than other stash enhancement:-) I love your stitching: it is very delicate.

  3. Lovely stitching! gorgeous stash too. What are the Patchwork Rabbit like for service. I have always used sewandso but they have some good prices for threads I see.

  4. Nice stash from the Patchwork Rabbit! I do like that name. :) I love the soft colors of your BBD piece! Pretty flowers. :) I'm glad to have found your blog!

  5. Denise, thanks so much for the props :-) The next Cottage of the Month is in stock so will be on its way to you soon! I'm just suffering a tragic shortage of GA Baby Spinach LOL

    Speak soon,


  6. Lovely work mum keep it up.. I love you loads xoxo

  7. I really like your two bookmarks! Would you know the dates of those Leisure Arts magazines? Very nice!

  8. TAG! You're it!

  9. pooh lovely items and goodies. Beautiful stitching too.

  10. That was meant to be Oooh!!

  11. Group reported here came from the Victoria Sampler ^ ^
    Chinese symbol "peace" ...
    Read, "Pyeong-Hwa" when read.
    Korea, students learn Chinese
    Looked very good to see here.
    In your blog ^ ^ I'll often play